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It takes time for us to move on,
To let go of the remaining pieces of a broken heart,To let go of the scent of memories that stuck up into our head,To let go of the feeling warmth being in love with that person,And nothing can beats the feeling of leaving it all behind.Seriously,I am tired of it.


You're like a physics equation,
Sometimes i can get what inside your head,
Sometimes i just wonder what youre thinking about.Did you ever think about me for a sec?


My love life will always be like this,
I will have a crush with this one person,
And he wont like me back
Or someone will have a crush on me,
And i wont like them backI dont know which one hurts the most
Being heartbroken or being a heartbreaker


My heart was aching everytime i think of all the words you wispered to her ears,
I wished you know how much it hurtsWhy cant it be me?