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The last week of school in 2015

I thought we will end it this way, with silence and getting further. Until one time, i was sitting alone at the table and you and your friend suddenly joined me. Your friend sitting in the opposite of me while you sit next to me. You won't know how fast my heart beats when you sitting next to me with your eyes fixed at me when your friend asking me for help. I think if your friend don't approach me, i don't think you would go near me. You suddenly played with my phone,checking things inside it and act like nothing broken between us. You know how hard for me to keep a smile because you will ditch and took me back for some times. And then you guys gone and came again,you sit on my right site and it feels like you're closer when you asked some questions for that subject. And when i taught you, i can feels butterflies fluttering in my stomach and ... i just realized that we were alone without your friends. I totally blushed like a tomato when you show your cheeky smile an…