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The last week of school in 2015

 I thought we will end it this way, with silence and getting further. Until one time, i was sitting alone at the table and you and your friend suddenly joined me. Your friend sitting in the opposite of me while you sit next to me. You won't know how fast my heart beats when you sitting next to me with your eyes fixed at me when your friend asking me for help. I think if your friend don't approach me, i don't think you would go near me. You suddenly played with my phone,checking things inside it and act like nothing broken between us. You know how hard for me to keep a smile because you will ditch and took me back for some times. And then you guys gone and came again,you sit on my right site and it feels like you're closer when you asked some questions for that subject. And when i taught you, i can feels butterflies fluttering in my stomach and ... i just realized that we were alone without your friends. I totally blushed like a tomato when you show your cheeky smile and smirks when you checking some horny manga at my phone app ( the manga app has it own genre and he prefers eechi lol ). Well,i thought that's it

  When i was sitting at the floor infront of our school basketball court,you and your friend suddenly came by sitting at the edge of us. Whoa, that was kind of surprised i never encountered before.When me and my friend having a deep talk about our paper, you guys gone.( maybe buying some snack )
After a while , me and my friend separated because i don't want to interfere her from studying.Well,you know when girls start talking,only they exist in their world. When i sit alone, i think about many things and i just cant concentrated on my studying so i just stared at the floor. Suddenly,someone passed me by and stopped infront of me. I slowly watched his toes and up to his face. I saw you acting cool and drank infront of me. I don't even know what you were thinking that time.

''why are you here alone ".
''i like it here,better and by the way , why were you here ?''
''i like it here,better too'', you said with a small voice but i can hear it clearly.

I can feels my cheeks burning and my heart thudding hardly. Then, i trying to ignore you and revising again, so you left. I can feels my eyes in teary because i couldn't do the exam. I can't say it to my friend,how much i frustrated because of the exam.So, i silently crying after i dont think i my mind cant take it anymore. Surprising,you came again slowly and suddenly sat infront of me. I don't know that you knew i'm crying or what but i just couldn't asked it. You sat with silent watching over me and you friend came and sat next to you. When i think i'm okay, i turned my head to both of you. lol can't believe that two hot guys sitting infront of me,looking all sexy with their spectacles looking at me.Automatically, i brought the book that i held to cover my face because i think my cheeks started turning red and i slowly stand up and ran away :3 lol too much to handle ~ Because school will ended in two days, i grabbed my chance to slapped your ass like we used to do. Without any hesistation, I slapped your ass real hard and ran as quickly as possible. I can believe you knew it was me and walking to my direction. You followed me from behind and i tried to act like normal as possible but then when walked on stairs,you managed to grabbed my ass with a big smirked showing on your face lol =, =' and turned around but no one notice what you did to me :O you little perv

 The last day of school, things between us just odd because i don't see your face :') i thought that the end of high school with you ,just like that.I can hear you talking with your friends at the back and suddenly you walked separately at them eventhough you guys supposed to go at the same road. You walked behind me silently as i still talking with my friend.As i bid goodbye to my friend,you took your chance and grabbed my ass in front of my class with no shame~,~ while you said '' for the last time at the end of school ''. lol so that's our last memories. no goodbye, no hug ? lol what to expect, since we're not living at the western country but hell im lucky for him being my bestfriend for all these times.p/s i still love him :') thats just sad


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Sungjae .

Hey everyone ! this is Yook Sungjae . Don't know him ? He is member for Btob group . I really like Sungjae for some reasons . It not that I too obsessed with Korean people . He really looks like this . My crush . :) I get it when you all don't believe me . I'm just telling the truth . His hair really looks very same . Just his face different from Sungjae . HAHA . Sometimes , when I missed him a lot . I will looking at phone , searching for Sungjae pictures . It really helps me a lot . Even , I can't loving you anymore . I really grateful that I ever be your truly friend . The only girl that you trusted . Thanks for really making me happy even I know I never be the one that in your heart . :') 

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I still remember the day me and my family were watching ,' Bangkok Thailand '. I keep on secream all the time wherever that cute guy appeared . I kept calling him ,'my korean guy or the Korean guy ' even though i knew he was a Thailand guy . Then , I quickly opened my big sister's laptop which is to find information bout that cute Thai guy . The awesome moment is when I knew something about him . His father was Thailand people while his mum was a Japanese . And I know his name now , Witsawa Thaiyanont .He was an actor and also a member of a rockie band named K-OTIC . wow , how cool is that ? Here is his picture . :D my picture for my profile facebook .
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kalau ada yang rajin stalk blog aku memang kenal Shen siapa,ya dialah bestfriend aku aka long time crush aku. Aku memang tak tau ah kenapa dengan jantung ini masih tunggu jantan tak guna itu.Opss terkasar lak.Dia masih dengan gerek dia tu tapi ayat flirt dia tetap tak berubah.Kadang-kadang aku terfikir,kenapa dia tak jujur dengan aku yang dia ada gerek.Dia ingat aku tak tahu ke,tak yah lah kau nak buat aku melting tau tak.Hati ini dah lama bagi kat kau,kau je pandang yang lain. Aku yang tetap dengan kau saat kau putus ati,macam-macam aku buat kau tapi aku kalah bila ada pompuan lain datang dengan ' rupa' yang ala-ala innocent,yang rambut contra dari aku yang frizzy ni,dengan body yang memang diidami girls yang lain. Apapun,aku memang terima kasih lah kat dia.Sebab dia lah aku tau erti ',benda yang kau minat tak semestinya kau dapat'. Dengan itu,aku ucapkan dia bahagia dengan siapapun. Sapa kata aku tak buat effort,aku cuba minat benda yang dia minat,dia cuba minat be…

Tentang aku,budak blogger

Ohayo korang! Angkat ketiak skit kepada yang baca entry ni. Mesti korang pelik tengok blog aku kan,punya simple gila dah la takde intro tentang penulis lagikan. Aku terfikir nak buat camni sebab aku takde idea nak hias blog camne,maklumlah blog ni tak seindah dlu.Kalau masa zaman aku sekolah menengah,memang sini sana kawan aku ada blog.Kini tinggal lah cerita di blog diaorang dengan kenangan masa lalu diaorang. Aku pasti kalau suatu hari nanti diaorang terlog in ke blog diaorang,mesti ada kenangan yang menusuk jiwa sampai keluar air mata.

 Korang boleh panggil aku Mino since kawan aku kat semenanjung panggil aku ni.Kalau korang ada terdengar member korang ada kawan,bernama Mino..hah aku lah tu. Kantoi pulak. Kenapa Mino?Masa aku time masuk poli dulu,nama whatsapp aku Mino since aku ada hati ngan mamat rapper korea ni,lawak gila. Memandangkan nama aku panjang gila bagai ke berjalan beribu batu,aku angguk jer bila diaorang panggil aku Mino. Sampaikan lecturer aku pun panggil aku Mino. …

My bestfriend . :)

This is me and my truly best friend ever , Eyvan :)
We took this picture , last year at my house . I love her very much because she always be there when I need some supports and helps . I don't know where she get some magical power that God gives her . She had enough time to heard my annoying speechless even though it kinda boring . She always listen to my heart wherever I'm crying and feeling depressed . She always got time to have share stories with me . I'm really grateful that I had a wonderful , great and awesome best friend liked her .  Thank you for all you've done for me , Eyvan . 4 days to go . Her special day . Her 14th birthday . :)))

Fresh new start

it's kind of weird when everyone are not into Blog anymore.I used to spent my leisure time , sitting infront of the laptop and read about everyone's life. But now, it just a piece of masterpiece works from everyone. It became their past and all about it has been forgotten.I wonder how I somehow still waster my entire time , writing something useless here,feels like no one would ever care to read my story , but yet , i'm still stuck here,writing,writing and writing.If I have forgotten about how I love my life now, I would rather reading my old posts,reading how struggling I try to live when everyone left you,how I trying hard to improve myself,a dream of going abort to Japan.How I learn to live seeing my guy best friend fall in love with other girls.It all mixed up in a book of Blog.

I don't understand him.

Here's the story began .. I argued with him again . So , it the 6th times we've fight for 3 years we became friends . It's supposed his fault but in the end .. I'm the one that he blame . I don't understand this situation at all . But maybe it true , it my fault . That's why he gets mad with me ?  Maybe I shouldn't gave my old number to him . He reading my all message and reveal my friends secret ... I know he just kidding that time , but why I suddenly take it seriously ? I shouldn't doing like this for the very first time . No kidding , he was trying to call me out or talked with me but I'm pretended . Why I'm acting like this ? :(((

aku tak faham kenapa bestfriend aku cam bagi harapan palsu

haaa ,kau orang tengok tajuk tu memang kenal kan.Aku aritu ada gi mall ngan kengkawan aku,tak sangka jumpa dia gak. aku memang cuba tak buat eye contact dengan dia tau. aku sedaya upaya jaga hati aku,supaya aku tak jatuh cinta dengan dia lagi.tapi aku dapat rasakan kadang-kadang mata dia macam melirik kat aku,aku just buat cool,xkesah je dan terus cakap dengan kawan lain aku.

 pastu kitaorang jalan,biasa-biasa jak sebab dia belakang aku. aduiii. so dipendekkan cerita,masa aku nak order aiskrim,tetiba lak dia panggil aku.masa dia panggil aku,aku pandang belakang,just nak inform mana tau dia panggil orang lain kot. pastu, bila dia panggil lagi, pekerja tu tanya flavor aiskrim ngan topping soma tu lak. so ,aku tak jadi laa,memang kebetulan betul.masa itu pun aku memang tak nak pergi sana pun. then,kawan perempuan aku,Lu nak pi beli corn kat tingkat,aku berdiri lah macam tunggul sebab tunggu aiskrim tu siap.lepas tu,seorang demi sorang geng kitaorang pergi kat Lu lah. Masa tu,se…