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I thought things can get any better if i being friends with his friends. Ultimately, it only let things worsen. He is rarely being with his friends who being with him for a few years and instead of that , he stick with classmates. no , im not getting mad that he wanted to fit in with his circle of classmates but he even forgotten his old friends. Im getting annoyed with him that '' A night to remember '' dinner that was held at the hotel was ended pretty bad. I took some dorky pictures with his friends... but not him. H was busy catching attentions with his classmates and when the party was done, he dont even speak to me. Am i invisible to him? I felt pretty awful that I too done the same. I only spoke to his friends and don't even let myself gets in his way. It was a lucky opportunity and the first and probably the last school party that i ever participate. I even planned something cool like both of us taking some pictures together as our friendship has come to 6…