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Showing posts from September 10, 2015

I wonder why

These past weeks, you seemed like you were ignoring me. I wonder why? After the last time we spoke, things was changed, getting worse. I don't even know what i should do. When we suddenly met up at the stairs,your head just stay low and looked down. I don't recall of us having a fight. I was searching for a perfect moment for us to talk, having a real conversation but you won't let me into your heart. When i looked into your way,and staring at your eyes,your eyes don't see me. Do you know how much, how much, i tried to talk to you. I'm waiting for you too to look like you're struggling to talk to me,but it just nothing. It's like we're living in the different world where there is no me in your life and no you in my life. :'( are you ashamed or too embarrassed to talk to me. Why won't you give a me chance to break the cold wall in your heart. Let me in so i can understand why did you do this to me. You probably won't get think,you probably do…