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The coincidence

As time began to flies,our friendship turns out well in both ways. it's hard to keep a friendship in a reality of life becos both of us has been used with chatting over talking~ but praise the Lord for giving me such a good opportunity between me and Shen. So,as frequently like before, we always coincidentally meet each other at the stairs.let's began the story.
I was going upstairs and he was going down.i was alone at that time,so he was bravely talked to me. Our body were like 2 cm away, and yes, we were so close that we looked like we were about to kiss. I looked down into his t-shir
pocket, searching for chewing gum but it was nowhere to be found. Then,i inserted my hands into both of his pant pocket but i got nothing. I don't even know what he was thinking but his head knocked into mine but i was busy searching for chewing gum and he did it for the second time,much gently. I could feel my heart going too explode in any time so I just staring into his eyes and hones…