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How we act when we met each other

Both of us haven't chatting for a while since I said that my parents wont let me use my phone anymore. I actually lied to him because I wanted to get the best result for SPM and to get away the thought of thinking about him. However, I was quite shocked about things between us now.Finally, my dream of having a real friendship with him came true. When he passed me by,we would talk for a while staring at each other's eyes.
 Last wednesday, I was taking the stairs to my class and busy talking with my girlfriends. I was looking up and there he was, walking down the stairs with cool appereance. A smile appeared on his face while he was giving me a chewing gum:3 well,like always, i will slapped his butt and Nino eyes almost popped out from her eyes. Thats bcos we talked about i can normally hit Shen's butt but she won't believe it until i showed it to her.well,Shen just act normally too bcos it's how we treated each other when we encounter each other ~

Other people's side of view

In my opinion, such girl and guy friendships cause nothing but trouble, especially where other people are involved. The people who the “Best Friends” are dating most times become insecure and jealous and therefore hostile to the “Best Friend”. It almost never ends well.However, like everything else in life, there can be no generalization in this matter. I’m sure there are guys and girls who have managed to remain best friends and nothing else.The most important thing is to stay true to yourself. If you really just want to be that person’s friend, then make it clear and be sure you’re both on the same page. However, if u have feelings for your “best friend”, you better speak up or you’ll be stuck in the friend zone forever. those sentences really stabbed me right through my heart. in fact , i always think of this thing. i always wonder if i made a right decision after all. :')