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Hey guys, remember the girl who sit beside me?I called her Nino. Well, for the last few days, she was arguing with her boyfriend. She was crying silently with tears flowing down her cheeks. I tried to make some stupid jokes,but she just showed me her little smile. I talked to her about the two of them and finally she said, " he jealous of me for sitting next to Vins last sunday. I thought he was joking. But he was being serious and mad about it the whole day. I dont even careless when he sat with the other girl in front of my eyes because I trusted him. Why can't he believe me the way I do? ". I nodded and hug her so that she felt much better. Suddenly, she talked about my guy bestfriend when he passed our class.
" why did he looks so handsome!!!  why did he have a pretty face???? ", a big smile appeared on her lips. I can see her eyes were sparkling brightly.
I looked away and I know what I have to do to earn her happiness back. Then, we started to talk abou…