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Butterflies to my stomach

Last night, I came late to tuition with worries appeared on my face,hoping that I get a sit.When I entered that class, I saw Shen and his friend sitting side by side.I just looked down and sat infront of his friend without even glaring at him.Suddenly his friend said ,'' hey , u sit infront of Shedidn't cause Rene will be sitting here'', with his hand pointing at the seat. I moved and sit infront of Shen .well why do I need to sit there anyway?It won't make any difference but I just mumbled and swallowed those words down.After she arrived, an awkward situation occured. I didn't know her at all,plus she is not the same school with us. You know what,Im not used to sit beside a stranger especially a girl because I rarely sit beside a girl.It either I sit alone or a boy with sit next to me.For the first 30 minutes,it just silence.I break off the silence between us and started the conversation and it goes pretty well.It was fun afterall,she is a gamer too and w…

Not as i imagine

Last week , I went to tuition and when I headed into the class , I saw my guy bestfriend,Shen, sitting at the back. He was sitting with a cool aura surrounded him but his eyes fixed into his phone. I sighed slightly, he doesn't even looked me. I sat away from him so that he stopped playing with his phone but it was hopeless.I tried to talk with him but he just , too busy with his phone that I just talking let it away and talked to my cousin.When the door opened, I saw that guy coming through and I just turned my head down. He stopped infront of my table and I looked into him.He was giving me a sign that he wanted to sit beside me.I wonder if my bestfriend saw this but I was too busy with that guy and I gave him some space.I can see at the corner of my eyes,he was watching at us but he deserved that.Then, I turned back and started talking to his friend.I was pretty mad that I doesn't even want to look at him.Then, he said ,'' i told u to sit with me ''. I talk…