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The girl who sit beside me

As you can remember, I sit with different girl this year at class, not with my bestfriend. She is a pretty looking girl with innocent face. She has this cute little voice and many guys attracted to her. Despite that,she is in a relationship for 7 months if I'm not mistaken. But,the shocking news is this morning she told me that she is interested with my guy bestfriend. How come it turn out like this again? I felt like my heart wanna explode but I put up a smile infront of her. She told me
" he is so machoooo "
" it was fun being with his friend and him."
" I wanna be friend with him.I wanna get to know him better "
" I had a crush on him since 2 years ago "

When I asked her why did she suddenly appeared a sudden interest on him lately. This is what she said.
" we made a lot of eye contact especially for the past few weeks.he always used this way to go to his class every morning, that when we glaring at each other ".
That when …