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To all the boys ive loved

I bought this book on popular when I went to Miri last Sunday.It really a great story which is really common to my life but nah.have you read it?if you haven't read it maybe I could share the story to u guys so take some time to understand.
Lara Jean is the main character in this story. She was in love with her neighbour named Josh. Their age just 1 year apart so they spent a lot if time together. But, one day, he told her that he likes her sister, Maggot.Both of them started going out and she told herself that she will never fall in love with Josh anymore. So, she wrote a letter for Josh and put it inside a box which is only her allow to open up that box. Every guy she ever fell in love with,she will wrote a letters to each of them. She really poured out everything inside her about that guy in that letter. One day, the box was gone and each of the letters were send to every guy she wrote to. Well, 2 of the guys which is Josh and Daniel slightly having some feelings to her after …