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Spread out your wings

This is some kind of unfinished lyrics made by me. Somehow, I was surprise that I could think of doing this for a few minutes. Well i hope you understand the message ive been saying. Enjoy ~Spread up your wings -Kristal IvyI'm still trying to reach you out
In search of your breaking heart
I'm willing to stay side to side
Only to see the flowers of your soul to bloom againPitiful heart, pitiful heart
I'm trying to erase the tension between your mind
When i look how hard you trying to hide
Your lips wont be able to trick meUnlikely you to look this miserable
I'm stand still not knowing what to do
But still,I'm quietly stay to keep you in reality
For that you could let it be in the pastDon't try to runaway and hiding it
Let's it gone by till your last broken pieces
Scream out the unwanted memories that keep hanging
Let the tomorrow shine your day up