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Becoming bestfriend? Advantages and Disadvantages

So,clearly I purposely write about this BESTFRIEND topic because I don't want people end up being like me.Well,you might think that I'm pathetic or just can't get over him,but honestly FRIENDZONE sucks .I have been keeping this for a long time,so finally I will be able to spit it out. What is bestfriend with a guy for me? He is different from the rest of guy.Not to mention,I treated him better than my girlfriends.For those who being shy or uncomfortably being closer to guy,being his bestfriend make you think from different perspective.He can either be your girl-friend and guy-friend.I don't intend to make fun of him but he can be what you need.When you having trouble with some crap,he would listening to your story.And if you do anything wrong with other people,he would give you some advice.Some harsh advice,he doesn't like you being a bitch.I can do anything with him like what's the rest of couple have shared with each other.Well,both of us enjoy hitting each …

First May

Well, well. I've been looking forward to write something here. As I need to busying myself with studies for 3 weeks, I finally find a spare time to be here. Well, in fact a lot of things have been happening around us. We're still like that. Bestfriend. Not more than a lover, not less than a friend. Okay, so on the first May, I wasn't expecting but he totally came to school. That time, we were having a competition and I was singing. Of course, I was nervous enough that I've been sweating a lot that time. Somehow, both of them getting closer huh. This is the pain i need to endure. The day when he finally get to be friend with his ex girlfriend. I heard a lot of rumors saying that both of them are getting closer. Damn it. Back to the story, when our group's name has been called, I slowly took my step and start focusing .I forgot to mention that his ex was in the part of my team. So,when I started singing the chorus, I closed my eyes.
" without you I feel broke, l…