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Showing posts from April 10, 2015

My guy bestfriend's bestfriend

Back to Monday, we were having a math tuition. Since our class was full, my guy bestfriend had to seat behind me with his friend. At first, we didn't even talk. I'm doing my own exercise while they're making some noise in the class. Then, they called out at me.I turned around and laughed at their stupid jokes and we even talked about anime. Well, you know how it feels like when you have the same interest and eventually you guys become good friend. The weird thing is his friend trying to take up a few photo of me. And I trying to get up and seated on the cooler space, my bestfriend put his foot on my chair with a smirked face. I glared at him but he was acting innocent. When I reached home, his friend texted me. And suddenly confessed to me. I couldn't even believe what I was reading. But, I just can't believe his confession. Is it weird that his friend interested with me ? While my friend interested with him before this?Why don't both of us end up liking each o…

Childish brat

I wonder what's makes things go wrong between us? You are the only boy who dared to walk with me even when I'm walking with my friend. Even when I'm not even comfortable being around you, you still catches me up and talk to me with your big smile. Yeah, we argued a lot during the walk but you still considered as my friend. And it went for only for while. You started ignoring me and we even pretend not to know each other anymore. I wonder I wonder why? Then this year, things being quite okay. Just okay. But yesterday, your words stroke my heart badly. I was just talking to my friend for a few seconds and you suddenly you interrupted our conversation. Of course, I was mad. You turned around and facing us and said, " shut up, you bitch ". You showed your middle finger when you saying those harsh deadly line. I was snapped. I'm so glad that we're not being close anymore. With you two-faced,you could fool me before but to regain my trust, it's a never. You…