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I wonder why

You know, I have a bestfriend, kind of from my first year on secondary school. She was absolutely smart, bookish, and also loved by teachers. Meanwhile, I was  the opposite of her. I was a bad girl, hate reading, and also being hated by some teachers. Despite if it,I managed to go to the upper class with her too. That was a kind of coincidence that made me being closer to her. Wherever exam ended, she always getting high marks. But sometimes, I beat her with a little bit higher marks but still in the other subjects,she was genius. She had this kind of loving books, writing essay and talk formally. When we reached 15,she still in the same class with me. She technically becaming my  rival. At the end of the year, I still can't beat her as we managed to get the same results. I was so down, and yet going to the upper class with her. Why can't teacher separated the two of us? Anyway, I chose to sit with the other girl for the first time. I can't stick up with her, I have to dou…