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What does it mean?

I was trying to calm myself when he was infront of me.I need to think hard before talking to him. I wasnt sure why,but I need a lot of courage to be able to talk to him. When I passed him by, I hold him up. I was attracted to his eyes thay wherever I say something to him, I was looking directly deep into his beautiful eyes. And he did it too. But, I felt nothing. You know that too. I don't feel butterflies in my stomach and my heartbeats turns out normal too. Well, conversation ended pretty cold  though. Not the way I think of. Out of all these days, he never being that way too me. He was no smiling, he was acting cool, his rough voice sounds  expressionless ,he doesn't ask me anything or something. Where did I do wrong? when we chatted before,there were so many exciting stuff to be talk about, and what should we do when we meet up at school? But here in the reality, the words seem lost.