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Too much coincidence.

When I almost gave up, the feeling grew again towards him. That's point, I don't even get it. I was nervous but at the same time feeling excited.I've been always seeing him lately. One thing, he was attending his first tuition on Monday at the same place with mine. I was last person who arrived that time and my eyes connected to his bright eyes for a while. That was ridiculous, but I somehow to get into my nerve. I sat alone and act very normal. There he was with his friends sitting at the very back sit at the class. Then, he was calling for me, and showing something. And that how his friend, getting closer to me. I never knew him well but after that day, his friends becoming my friend too. Back to the story, our tuition Math teacher were never arrived. I was alone listening to boys talk. I hate to admit it but I rather staying at home rather being at the class with all the boys. Luckily, when time almost up, a teacher came in with her 3 students and teach-in at our class.…