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Showing posts from February 28, 2015

Reality life

I did almost the same things everyday. I bet you too. I have to wake up early and force myself out from my sleeping land and my warm bed. I need to prepare things like books, making food and fill up my bottle. After that , I stare at the mirror for a few times. I let out a sigh but it feels hard. I take out a deep breath,hold it for few seconds,then let it out. Comforting myself that everything that gonna happens,there will be a reason behind of this. I pray to God for peace so that I sort of calm throughout the day. On my way to school, I probably thinking about what's gonna happens or what kind of problems will I face? Will it turn out better or worse? I still have some lingering doubt in my mind. Well,I got to say that I know sometimes it's gonna rain,things won't go well the way I wanted to be. But, all of this make me who i am today. Despite of it,there was a time that I wished time would stopped for a while,let my body and mind to relax and getting rid of exhaustion.…

Problems go away

I have a good friend, he can be call as my further cousin or my cousin's relative. I knew him from small, that's because my mum were teaching his class on primary school. Until now, we haven't even lost contact because he is studying at the same class with me at tuition. I always love his cheerful attitude and honesty. Many people thought he can't read the situation and simply telling other people's secret. Appereantly,they forgot that every mankind arent perfect.So do i. Everyone have their own bad attitude and good attitude. Rather than seeing the baf side of a person,think clearly. No matter how bad you think he is,he sacrificed a lot to you guys. But up until now, he never deal anything with me. He is always supporting me in whatever situation and his warm words always heal my broken heart.He is my spy and always tell me good information about my bestfriend. How can people treats him badly? Nobody knows the feeling inside his heart.Everyday, things always end u…