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Old stuff

OMG,when I was reading my old posts it so fucking might not get it but I'm started with this cutie blog from when I was doesn't look great as I'm just a beginner that time,but I hope I improve rapidly from time to time.I also learned that I'm beginning to be older as time goes by.But,that won't stop me from deleting some posts that doesn't make any sense and it looks like I'm embarrassed myself.I really did a lot regarding this blog,my teenage life seems to depend on writing everything to this blog.let me share something,I once have a blog for my pre-teen life but it doesn't last longer.I was a naughty and arrogant girl back then,maybe that's what people thinks of.I'm being good friends with a lot of boys from my class and also the next class which what some slutty girls jealous of me.Well,I thought they were just bad but I was wrong.they also had a blog and ended up humiliating me on media social.Back then,I was just 12.of cours…


I told you guys before that I wanna made up a love dovey story on my wattpad but apparently things didn't up well. I don't really have many leisure time and I will having a fucking big test at the end of the year.of course,I'm just like the rest of the teenage girl,I wanna live my life to the fullest in my senior year.I wanna make it the most memorable year for me to remember.I don't want to have this thought of regret throughout the year. I wanna study till my head almost explode and also having a good time ahead.I do have the attention of confessing to my bestfriend and saying something like this," you're stupid so much that you didn't even see the one who are patiently waiting for you to see how big my love for you.I knew there's a phrase saying that love cannot be force but still can't love just give a second chance for someone who still waiting for their turn to feel the warmness from their pathetic crush? .I hope that doesn't sound way to…