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Showing posts from February 20, 2015

Way too good

Hey readers.
Okay, this feels awkward.
I'm fine, as usual.
I was busy reading some books that I no longer pay attention to this blog. Damn, that books really affects me a lot.
I was reading this kind of love dovey of lovng your bestfriend. Man, it's very weird. Those books give a happy ending where both of them are together while I'm stuck here in a bestfriend's sad and depressing. I bet those who always stick up with my story would be feeling annoyed because my story will always continue and there's a slightest chance that it will never have go smoothly with a sweet ending. That's too bad.Anyway, let's just hoping that I could end up this silly puppy love story and just go forward to the new life. I think I wanna started writing something,adding up and mixing up my story life with some kind of magical imagination on wattpad. I think that using wattpad is more easier compare to writing on this blog. That's because the whole thing is mess up.…