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Showing posts from February 6, 2015

Your voice was reaching me

I saw you with a bunch of your friends which I already recognized them. You were standing still with a cool aura spreading around you. I hit Ahlui for a few times, that really shows how nervous I am.
Then, he called out my name with his sexy rough voice.I was lucky i wasnt dropped or fell down after he called me. Waittt, why am i always feel like im fall in love with him over and over again if i met him ?im such an easy girl. To overcome my beating heart, I ran quickly to the back of the room waiting for him and his friends gone. Then, slowly I look out, yeah. That was amazing, I can see his back side clearly, with his sparkly big eyes and full of tidy hair charisma. I'm almost gone insane. Luckily, I manage to hide my feelings, I'm good at that u know. The happiest day in my 2015 life with him.