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Success or Love?

As a 17 years old girl, I have a desire of wanting to get into a relationship.It's kind of weird for a girl like me never enter some relationship with guy. I'm totally straight, but I couldn't find a way to make it happens. I really want so badly to feel how it feels when being in love, break-up and learn to live again. Maybe it's a dumb minded thing that everyone think of me. But, apparently, it might couldn't happen this year too. Having an important exam the end of this year and having parents who keep on bubbling about I need to face the reality of how scary real life will be. And how your SPM results determine where you lead your life. Love? Am i really a human being? I had read a phrase saying that "if you never encounter love, then you're not living your life well".But one thing that stuck I .my head "you will never lose by loving but you're lose by holding "yeah, after all this 6years ,I have never told him about how much I love…