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Showing posts from January 23, 2015

Stuck in between

I wonder if he can see right through me. Feeling the warm of my heart as it beating faster wherever his name popped out on my facebook chat. I dont even know why, we becoming like this. I thought this. This isnt what bestfriends did in the first place. Not been able to see each other, hanging out,talking wherever see each other, calling and messenging like a normal people did with their bestfriend. Did i took a wrong step? NO. Have confessed yet? NO. I just dont get it. Then, i asked him about this matter bcos im about to blow out over these little stupid things .
Me: why cant we act like normal as the rest of people?
Him: what do you mean by that?arent we normal enough?
Me: what im trying to say is we dont even talk or see each other in a real life.
Him: ohh, i get it.So you wanna me to talk to you at school and talk about the economy, politics or some tv news?
Sorry-but i didnt want to continue those fucking chat as he was talking nonsense while im bloody serious with him.Im tot…

Cruel year has come

Unbelievable,time flies so fast. Ive been wasting my time doing nothing good last holiday.Man, im almost 17.I am becoming so old that i have a year to wear my pinaform,white shoe and becoming a form 5 students. GEEZ. I havent have any improvement and also it seems like I cant get in a relationship on  my senior year. There are so many fucking things to get done, to be read,to revise, to think, to solve and to be a good child.I still havent have a slicest thing in my mind on what i wanna be when im officially becoming a jobless and laziest person in the world who still thinking about my future. I wonder if i can accomplish a lot of new experience throughout my messy life as a form 5 candidate.~~