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Showing posts from October 28, 2014

Break time

Somehow,i managed to get some break time eventhough i still on an exam mode.i still have about 8 papers left,so exam will be over in the next couple weeks.i already used to get some eye bags bcos i rarely get enough sleep.and i get to lay rest my eyes after exam at class.
i really stressed out bcos i was having a rough weeks.first of all,my bestfriend suddenly acting weird.he was acting like a childish kid.i told him that i wanna deactivated my facebook.then he nagged me and also giving many excuses so i wouldnt do it.well,that day,we arent having any exam and also class.i opened up my facebook just a,i thought he wouldnt care less if i gone for a while but he suddenly said , " if you dont deactivated your fb before this,i would like to ask you to walk with me after school times up".im super shocked that i was thinking that he was made up that story.then i asked him, "give me 5 reasons why i shouldnt deactivated my facebook" and he replied that i would regr…