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I think of this a lot

I ever read a book.lets just dont talk about the title of thebook cos i totally forgot.the first things a read about that book saying "this aint a story bout im falling with my bestfriend".so,i wondering if it true.when i read at the middle of the story,she was so freaking mad when her guy bestfriend date with one of her enemy.i knew how it feels.then,she started to back off and ignored her bestfriend.that when the friendship almost fell apart.her other close friend told her that she was " in a jealousy state".so,she been thinking a lot.she taught that she in love with his bestfriend.almost come to the end of the story,she finally realized that her love for her bestfriend isnt that love but love as a bestfriend.after all,she been bestfriend with that guy from middle school and he was always there for,she always taught that he was hers.and the ending for the story,when her bestfriend dated with his girl at the cinema,her bestfriend would sit in between both o…