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End of year exam is haunting me down

tomorrow history paper 3 will be started.I had no idea of what i should write but I already find some information regarding tomorrow's topic.Actually,I never thought that I'll answer the exam for one month two weeks.That's ridiculous.I might die of lacking of sleep or too much pressure encounter my head.I should find a place to concentrate or else I'll be taking a nap after reading some revision.I miss my guy bestfriend.I think my post annoyed you guys.But dont take it seriously,I miss him as a bestfriend.No other mixed feelings about I'm having a total-secret-crush over him for 4 years.Just shh.I'm not ready yet to meet up this situation AGAIN after his ex girlfriend spoiled everything.But this sentence keep on playing in my head ,'' Why did his girlfriend that doesn't know me well,and both of us just a facebook friend can knows that I'm totally in love with his boyfriend?While he being my bestfriend for 5years haven't realize a bit about …