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Farewell friend

I had a friend named Bernard Gunting.He was my schoolmate.On 2012,he was diagnosed with an ailment that can fatal his life.At first,it wasn't that serious,he'd still can walk to school.Apparently,the sickness becomes active and spread to all his body.The end of the year, he was diagnosed with an leukemia.He had to stop schooling and went through a surgery at the hospital.After a few months,my sister called me up,asking whether I knew him.I wasn't curious that much,I just doubted that my sister just randomly knew him.That when I knew the truth.My sister always went to the hospital to visit him.Well,you know,when my sister still young,she was also diagnosed with the same disease but my sister managed to cure and stay healthy till now.That experience makes both of them much closer.My first meeting him was last year.Right before PMR exam.I bought him some cakes which doesn't contains any milky and cheese stuff.He looked suprise and smiled brightly at me.We were talking a …