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How can I tell him

Right,i forgot to write here about something important.My bestfriend told me that he was thinking bout something,in his mind lately.well,of course I did asked him what's wrong.but he won't let me know.He thought that this mess might ended up our friendship.So,i was really curious that he might know the truth about my feelings.At the end,he speaks up and said
" I heard that you liked me all these times,even my girl knew bout it"
How could I tell him?i don't even want any trouble for both us.So,I make up any excuses to save our friendship.I told him that I liked him back in the 4th grade.So,he was teasing me and saying that I'm such a stalker.well,i never dared enough to talk to an innocent look boy who has a cute little smile.But still,half of my heart felt uneasy about what just happening to both of us.We're just started our friendship back and getting more closer but someone ruined our happiness.I almost gavr up that time but he told me thay everything&…