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I wanted to tell you just once
the love I just can’t hold back
All the time I looked your way
I want to tell you everythingToday, I want you
Today, I want to hold you in my arms
The more I look at you,
the more tears fall
behind your back

New friend

At that time, I was busy going to each class to inform the students about something related to our school koperasi.That was the first time I met him.Well, I knew him before just as a Facebook friend only.We have the same interest on club song but never thought that could meet up in a real life.Back to the story,he started the conversation after a few days after that.Asking whether i still remember him or not.Then,we continued our conversation at night and hope to see each other in school if both of us accidentally meet up.The next day,i ket him walking alone and smile at me.Well,I'm not using my spectacle so I hardly see his face.Funny thing,my friend thought that he was crazy for suddenly smiling at us.He was trying to be friendly but I messed up and hit him.That's how we started our friendship.Then,it continued for a few days,he always hit ny head and I tickles his round stomach.My friends didn't really like him because he always ran to me and interrupt our conversation.…