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It can't be happening

I was shocked with the news I had received from a friend . She told me that my close friend confessed to my bestfriend , Shen . I never taught she would be that brave enough facing the guy who ever rejected her before.But me? I'm still stuck at my old self , who just let it be and cried in the middle of night . I should do something but this is between two my friends . Why does this month always screwed up my emotions ? WHY can't it let me feels the happiness of falling in love ? It happened again , but this is my close friend . His preview relationship was with my girl bestfriend . And now? I just hate it . I don't know how should i react when i knew this matter from a friend but not from him . My relative told me that he has been chatting with that guy and he told my relative to shut his mouth and don't tell me . I wonder why he's been secretive with me ? Maybe he will thinks that I will jealous again . Maybe just a little,but if it about your happiness, guess i…