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What am I doing right now ?

Recently , he has been chatting with me since Monday . The conversation began perfectly, yeah i do miss him as a bestfriend. I been through a lot to forgets my feelings on him so , I think i should continue my friendship with him . Something about our conversation makes me almost teared up . It feels like the old days where there's only me and him . Chatting without saying goodbye and continue again on the next day . We talked like we haven't chatting for 10 years . Don't worry , cos this may be the last we were chatting . I'm too busy with my homeworks , and he busy with his life,so we wont able to meet or chatting till the next school holidays .
 Regarding of learning english , my friend said that my English have improve a lot . Well , I better keep my eyes on my writing , tenses , verbs , nouns and etc . I'd been trying so hard on learning new english words which i can use it easily when i write an essay .