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as you know , i've been changing everything about my life for this year . I change my style , cut my hair short , being more happy than before . It feels like the burden i've carried before is gone . How to say ? Well , last year , you all know that I had a crush on my own bestfriend for 4 years , so all my act and attitude when i'm facing him kind of being control and i can't do what i want to be . But , on a media social , i can talk everything and being wild . i acting like that becausse i just scared that he find i'm too unattractive and treated me as a GUY bestfriend . But now , it changed completely . I can have a crush with a lot of guy , meeting new people , being friends with everyone , be the real me and sometimes , i'm being annoying all the way i wanted to be . hahaha ~    Even sometimes I still miss him , not because I had a feeling towards him but he's the only guy who know everything bout my life . Doesn't matter when I'm twisted ,…