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my feelings screwed up

lately , I been crying silently at night because of you . You know that we're no longer close as before ? Why don't you get me ? I love you secretly when we were met for the first time . Don't you remember ? That I said i will be there for you since we were 12 . But now , I can't tell you that I love you . You're in love with someone . You are being with that girl . The one that you told me that you wouldn't date her . But now , I know that you're getting in a relationship . This is the fifth times that my heart was broken seeing you with another girl . I wanna be the one that you love . But i know it impossible . we are bestfriend . And i never want to ruin our friendship . This year , we been best friend for 5 years . And i'm losing you again , to a friend . Maybe it was my fault for making u my bestfriend meanwhile my heart saying that i might fall in love with you . Goodbye , i'm hoping the best and as long u're happy , i won't get on y…