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It wasn't the way i want ~

Okay , let's back on the December 20th 2013 where I patiently hold myself from getting a goose bumps . I'm going to the Mc Donald with my sister , eating some breakfast meal and just waiting for the time to arrived . Suddenly , i got a phone call from my friends to went to school right now . I'm quickly finished eating my burger and get inside the car . Well , my whole body feels uncomfortably . I'm turned right and saw some of my classmates and also my bestfriend Irene . I told my sis to parked nere them and I'm outta from the car . We talked and holding hands while going to the school . I can't feel how she feelings too . Her hands was so cool , it's like she living in the Antarctica ~ well , cool weather . And then we heading to the place where we can get our slip exam and see our result . I'm going to get my slip from a teacher . I say my name and he said , '' congratulation , christal '' with a big smile on his face . And , I get 6…