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Waiting for my exam results is a pain of ass

Geez , two more days and I stuck here at my house doing nothing . I'm feeling anxious and nervous at the same time but i try to cool myself down . just to make sure i didn't have a heart attack . just to be sure , i'm trying to pray to God , hoping that my result won't be bad as my UPSR result . It totally suck and i'm ruined my primary school and my last year schooling at that school . I was ashamed of my result and couldn't stopped crying over it . I don't want it to be the same as before . I totally tried my best to study and pray to God . I just hoping my hard work will finally turn into the happiest day in my life . I don't want to disappoint my parents , well my mum will be back home tomorrow after more than a week staying at the hospital .

 Dear God ,
 I pray from the bottom of my heart . Please give me a chance to give my parents happiness and makes they proud of me . They give me high expectation bcos im the only their child who still on my hi…