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Some trouble

Today , my sister told me that my mum was sent to the operation room this morning . I'm feeling sleepy that time and didn't hear it clearly . but when i wake up , i was late . i wish i can hear my mum voice even for a while . i want to say i miss her so much . Now , it's 12 noon , and she havent out from the room . i feel so worry and feel uncomfortable at all .
 mum , i hope you're okay . i know u a strong person and you can handle those pains easily . just try to hold till you're feeling better . i'm sorry that i didnt call you at all last night . I dont know that your surgery was this early . i wish that i can endure the pain you got . You know , that i hope you never sick before . having a breast cancer must be a pain for you . i'm glad that you're fine but now , you have to make the new breast from your fats . i promise i will help you with houseworks , cooking and doing other stuff . :') dont stay to long at the hospital because your daughter…