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old friend , good friend , my best guy friend

let me tell you guys a stories . which i suddenly think of someone , he's my first guy bestfriend . He is cute , open minded , cheerful ,awesome and also a caring person. I never thought i forget him for this times because of trying to win my crush heart . i left my bestfriend . I'm so regret and i know i made a big mistake for chasing my crush and leave my friend behind .
 His name is Andy . Yet , i never met him before but i dont give a shit about how he looks or how's his attitude . What importance for me is he was incredibly kind and he always solved my problems with my crush . :( He called me when he missed me , he text me wherever I am . I think my new guy bestfriend really opposite to Andy's . He always there for me even though he had a problems with his self . He dare to thought me Chinese at first but I'm not taking serious of his teaching and finally no more Chinese lessons . He know everything about my life , my old crush , my problems at school , how …