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Things get worse

i know we text sometimes , but our friendship have been stuck like this . We've been acting like strangers . You asked me unexpected things about that girl . I know you tried to push me away and acting cooled . Your text , it different that it used to be . You just saying '' okay '' . No fullstop . It feels like you force yourself to text me . Yet , I know there's no one beside me that know everything about you , about ur life . Now , i just accept the fact thatwe never be together just like before . You know what ? I been trying hard to make you understand me well , and having a serious conversation . It about time we talking about our frienship but you seemed balming me and saying that i hurt you .  I know , you fall in love with that girl right ? Why you have to fall in love with all my friend or someone that related to my life ? First , you coupled with my cousin , then , my bestfriend , and lastly, my new friend ? Dude , you don't know how my heart fee…