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Showing posts from October 9, 2013

Please stop .

I need to forget you but I couldn’t erase everything yet
I hate myself just at the fact that I let you go
I dressed in the clothes that you liked
I stand alone at the place you left me
In case you come back to me, in case you come back to me Even if the world ends, my dear, can you hear me?
Even if it’s the end, please smile, only you
This melody sounds sadder especially today I love this lyrics . It doesn't relate to my life but it just feels sad . The fact that someone you love , leave you behind , I really know how it feel like . I just hoping that he really know my situation now . I need to push him away from me . I need time to be friends with him as he knows my secret . And yet , maybe know that I love him .

Tell me it’s all over now
Never tease me
Tell me that there’s no use anymore
Make it easy Just when I’m about to get over you
You keep appearing, shaking me up
I still can’t forget you like a fool You don’t love me
I know everything
I turn away, I push you away but you come to me aga…