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Showing posts from August 13, 2013

No love

Again today, I wear a smiling mask,
Go outside, and pretend nothing’s wrong
But I wanna run to you
But I walk with slow step My heart is bruised And my body breaks down

I'm on my way , forget him . It harder than I thought and I was trying to ignore those feelings . You know , the feeling of loving someone and waiting for him to tell the same way . It really hurts my heart . I cannot turn back time where I suppose met him for the first time , talked to him and our friendship become closer . But , I was regret . The moment he slapped me before , I should hate him . Hate him because he's doing that to me . He ruined our friendship that we're never ever talked again after that . I shouldn't forgave him a year after that . I should think first , and feel the pain that I get for still cared about him . And the most important , I shouldn't loved him . It was the biggest mistake that I have done in my life . And maybe it's true , this month is the end of our friendshi…