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I still care about you

Cause you are my destiny  Don’t turn around and leave me,  don’t brush me off, don’t avoid me

It was a coincidence , I stalked your facebook profile . I'm doing that for a long time , even when we're not close with each other anymore , Im still doing that weird stuff . Hrm , hai ? How are you ? I'm missing you so much . I really want to hear your voice . I still remember , the last day of school . I tried to see your face . In case you find out , I quickly look around . I'm afraid my heart will explode . And somehow , we managed to made eyes contact and yet I'm dying of seeing it . I'm too scared to do it before but I don't know how I gained an encouragement and energy to looked into your eyes . You know what ? I'm still thinking about our old days when you suddenly put some goldust on my face and ran away  with a big smile . I'm feel relieved that im alone that time and none of my friends being with me that time . It was a happy ending for me . Bu…