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Showing posts from July 8, 2013

Whole things changed .

Wooo , fucking miss this blog . I haven't write anything since I was too busy with my schedule . Well , u can guess by reading my title right ? After the first-term break , everything was changed . Me , my family , friends and him too . I'm not being myself . I feel alone , lost and I always day dreaming . And , my parents . Things get differently . They always together . No more fight about little things . It's weird to see them acting like a teenagers couple . But , I'm glad that finally that my parents being like that . Friends ? He broke up with her . She's now with her ex boyfriend . Being together again . And he was left alone , and act like nothing happens . He changed , I felt far away from him . I'm not his true friend because I wasn't there when he needs someone . Things happened differently , getting worse and I'm just there , watching him . I don't know why I can't get closer to him . Maybe , give him a hug and says that everything …