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Showing posts from April 29, 2013

When my guy bestfriend forgets me .

I never realize , never think of our friendship will be end like this . Totally . I feel lost and frustrated . For all the time , I being his truly best girlfriend . Now , we ended and being stranger . No more laughing , stupid jokes , sharing bout everything . It all gone . I couldn't understand what's in his mind right now . He rushed making choice , without telling me or saying anything . He never told me before . He never told me that he in love with my best girlfriend . I thought I knew he well . But , I was wrong . Why he didn't tell me the truth ? At least , I know that his heart captured by my best girlfriend . Now , I'm looking like a fooled , the last person who know that he's now in a relationship with her . My heart crushed into pieces . It never turn back to normal . I feel nothing but feels like betrayed by my own best friend . Did I done something that insult or making him uncomfortable ? Everything was fine . I'm not argued with him before that…