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Showing posts from February 16, 2013

The me .

Hey all . I don't have any thing to do right now , so I took chances to updating my blog . It's really funny when I reading my old posts . I really look unmatured and that time I really crazy in love with that guy . Now , I realize I wasting a part of my life loving someone who doesn't see my love . The saddest moment , when he told me that he in love with my friend . And I was .... burst to tears . Infront of my laptop , I tried to hold it back but I can't . But now , I feel relief that I no longer missing or thinking bout him . It time for me to move on , find other guy who loving me for who I am . I know I'm not a typical girl who wear make up , short skirt , singlet , act cute , being fake or know how to get a guy straight away . I'm weird , emotional , fool , love being alone , who make mistakes , don't know how to show guy who i really am .