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tomorrow .

Guess , tomorrow I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with my family again for over 14 years . Actually , I wanna celebrate it with my crush . I really need him and I want to tell the truth but I know I can't even open my mouth and say it straight away . Does he knows that I really miss him . Maybe he busy and don't have time to checking up his facebook . Maybe , he read my old post . Telling that I need to stop my feelings and should I ignore or have a fight with him just like last year . Oh god , I hope he don't read it . Please , I never meant to do those thing to him . Just hoping he read it bout he don't know that I wrote that for him . I post it for a purpose . I really need to forget him that time but then I realize that I should never get lost hope till I winning his heart . That's the point right ? I should there when he need me and listen for every single words he says . I need to show him that I really care and understand him just like the way he d…

Type of me .

A girl who feel strong for her life .
A girl who still waiting for someone that she could never have .
A girl who listens to a sad love song when she get alone .
A girl who refuse to let go of her heart for another guy that loving him .
A girl that hide back her tears .
A girl that who stare at other cute couple that date infront of her .
A girl that get high hopes then hurt the most .
A girl that tried to be the best to winning her crush heart .
A girl that who secretly stalking her crush on facebook or at her real life .
A girl that be her crush bestfriend so to get know what happenning at his life .
A girl who listen when her crush telling his problems .
A girl that act cool even when her crush told her that likes other girl .

eventhough I'm happy for all this .. inside , I'm not fine . I'm not okay . :(