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Crush .

So , this is my first entry , I tell you guys bout my crush . It so weird that I can fall in love with 2 guys . The new guy and my old crush . What makes me think that each one of them are too great that I hardly to choose  which one of them will become my crush for this year . The new guy - I always walk alone with him and we had a great conversation . my old crush - we always chatting on facebook and I'll just be myself when I with him . I more to new guy at school meanwhile with my old crush , just facebook . Okay , let's make it more easier . I called the new guy as Panda and my old crush as Amoi . Got it ? My friend from 3 I told me that it's not a big deal that I can fall in love with 2 person at a time because we're still a teenager and we should have a lot of time enjoyed our time . Hrrm , maybe it does makes sense . So , while Amoi still at KL for a few days , so I spend most of my time with Panda . LOL . =='' so , at the end , I have to choose one of…