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Let's talk bout ' Friend ' . You know what ? I have a very best friend from 3D and we always hang out together . Sometimes , I went to her house and she did the same too . We're always sharing everything , mostly bout our crush . She really a good listener and she always helped me out wherever I having a problems . She always try to makes me smile and trying to give me an advice . But now , both of us no longer get along . I don't know how should I react ? Did I make mistakes ? Or hurt her feelings ? Everytime I see her , she makes me doesn't even exist in this world . She act like she doesn't know me and makes me sad , she doesn't even want to see me . I'm sorry if I busy too much that sometimes I can't talk to you . Okay ? I'm having a problems right now and I really need some space and time to think about it clearly . So , I wouldn't make any mistakes again . I miss you , Evan . :')