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K-pop imagines :)

So , this is my imagine . It a simple love story so I hope u guys enjoy it ! :D

Your heart about to pound out from your chest as you saw Sunggyu kept heading toward you . The two of you locked eyes , and he smiled . You melted , as you saw Sunggyu smiling at you . You was so in love with this Sunggyu . 
'' Hey , I'm heading to my class . 
We'll talk later ,'' He said and then he waved back at you . You smile and said , '' okay , bye '' . While recess , you saw Sunggyu was alone waiting for you . He then looked at you and smile at you . '' Hey , let's talk '', he asked . He brought you to a special place where the two of you always hang out . You nodded and you suddenly held his hand . You digging your nails into your palms and said to Sunggyu ,'' Sunggyu , I've had a crush on you since the first time we met . I'm sorry for telling you this , but I knew when you know bout it , you will stay away from me . But don…