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Showing posts from November 11, 2012

Just smile even it hurts .

How do you feel when you fall in love with someone ? I'm sure it was the best things happen in our life . It only took a minute to started loving someone by only seeing them . But , when I think about it ... I think it feel hurt when you fall in love . Seriously , it hurt . I have many things pop in my mind right now . Should I just give up on him ? It seem that he changed a lot these days . He's change , okay ? It doesn't make sense at all . Now , he think more about updating 'love stuff ' at his statuses , , he get more likers ( girl ? ) , and yesterday ... he using his own picture for his profile Facebook picture . Doesn't that weird ? Maybe it was me who feel that way . It's not that I envy him . It just he suddenly changed . Hrm , maybe because I'm still not used to saw the new him .

Yesterday .

Yesterday morning , I had an uneasy feeling . It kinda bother me because my heart beats faster than usual . I try to calm and relax myself . I bet this is the second times I feeling like this . For the first , it was when he suddenly in a relationship with my own cousin . I hate this kind of feeling . It makes me miserable . So , that evening I was online and saw he online too . Well , I'm a girl right ? So , it kinda feel weird if a girl started a conversation a boy . It taken time for him to chatting for me but at the end , he chat with me . He told me ,'' Hey , I'm sorry because I had make you mad yesterday .. by the way , your cousin told me that he still love me . '' So , this is all about . I can't believe that this situation repeated again . Why ? This make me scary that I will lose him later . Now , I am really regret that I never my cousin that I'm madly in love with a boy named , Jae . Then , I ask him whether he still love my cousin but he…