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In a relationship with someone

Last weekend really got me depressed and miserable at best. He 's been dating with someone else .. and it making me insane when I knew that the girl is my very own cousin . My eyes can't hold my tears and I suddenly cried . I can accept that he is with the other girl but not one of my family member . Because it feels suck when someone you like , your relative . Gosh ~ All I do is cried and cried . It seems that I lose to a girl . Well , in fact .. she is more pretty than I am and got a good attitude rather than me . Maybe she perfect for him . Does my cousin ever realize that I talked to her a few months ago , telling the truth that I like him . Maybe she does not remember at all . I know she will deeply in love with him since he really a popular guy at my school . He got some cool style and his voice would makes girl suddenly fall in love with him . There's a lot girls trying to chase and tried to makes he as his boyfriend . But , he acted liked a 'prince '. Just …